University of Wisconsin – River Falls


If you are the one who interested in joining us our research in Chiangmai university and want to see the world in the different light such as working with professional researchers in IceCube neutrino observatory ( Please wait for our announcement to support you to join our summer workshop in the USA. We will update ASAP when we get funding supported.

This kind of summer workshop, we plan to select two Thai students who study in Physics or Physics education major to attend the 10-week series of training and professional development workshops designed to complement intensive, inquiry-based, and individualized research programs in 2018 at University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), USA.  In the workshop the selected students will have a chance to join the IceCube software boot camp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Boot camp is a week-long intense introduction to IceCube, Neutrino Astrophysics, python, C++, and the IceCube software and data files framework. It’s designed to get new cubers up to speed on all aspects of IceCube physics, simulation, and analysis software.


1.  Fill the application form, which you can download here*, then send your application form to

Please wait for announcement online.

2.  Interview all candidates in English and select 4 qualified students to the next step.

3.  In preparation before joining the summer workshop in the USA, Dr. Nuntiyakul will motivate 4 selected students to study English and give small research projects in order to regularly discuss student’s works with collaborators at UWRF via Skype or Zoom. Just two outstanding students will be selected to join the summer of 2021 in UWRF.